95 / TX


The 95/TX Alarm Station and Repeater is an integral part of the next generation GDS Corp wireless gas detection system, combining untethered visual & audible alarms with range-enhancing RF repeater capability in a single device.

The 95/TX Alarm Station continuously monitors alarm status for up to 32 remote GASMAX TX gas monitors and activates warning lights and high intensity horns whenever one or more of the monitored gas detectors enters an alarm state.

Four internal 5A SPDT programmable relays can be connected to integrated warning devices, or used to signal alarm conditions to 3rd party customer devices via relay-contact-closure signals.

Configuration data from each gas detector’s user setup is automatically uploaded into the 95/TX on initial power up and every few hours thereafter.

Brochure Manual


  • Local alarm points for maximum effectiveness
  • Alarm on wireless data from up to 32 GASMAX TX Gas Monitors
  • 900 MHz or 2.4 GHz modem with frequency hopping spread-spectrum
  • Optional integrated rated and non-rated alarm strobe and horn combinations
  • No limit to the number of alarm stations in any given network
  • Alarm and repeater functionality programmable on channel-by-channel basis
  • Three programmable relays and dedicated fault relay
  • Magnetic keypad for non-intrusive operation in hazardous area
  • Power output adjustable from 10 mW to 1 Watt (900 MHz)