GDS-98RF Wireless Data Interface

Receives, stores and forwards wireless information data from gas monitors, analog signal monitors or switch state monitors to wired DCS, PLC or master control system
  • Reads and stores information from wireless gas monitors, switch state monitors or analog state monitors
  • Output options include RS-232 serial, RS-485 serial and 4-20mA analog
  • Supports either 900 MHz or 2.4 GHz radio networks
  • Individually adjustable low and high alarm settings
  • Internally-generated web page shows gas values and alarm states
  • Magnetic switches allow for setup and configuration without opening the enclosure
  • Input power +12V to +35VDC or 110/220VAC
  • LEDs for power, fault and system status


The GDS-98RF Wireless Interface is designed to monitor up to 255 wireless network device transmissions, store the latest values and respond in real-time to data requests from remote access from DCSs, PLCs or other MODBUS masters. Data is available via three-wire RS-232, two-wire RS-485 or 4-20mA analog outputs.

The GDS-98RF also includes an Ethernet-to-Website and USB Virtual COM PORT interface taht allows remote users to view readings, alarm status and more.

If analog output is required, optional 8-channel analog output cards are available that provides up to 32 independent 4-20mA outputs.