CAL 2000 Advanced Portable Calibration Gas Generator

Advanced Calibration Gas Generator
  • Compact “hand-held” design
  • NIST traceable certificate
  • Alkaline battery powered
  • Adjustable ppm and flow rate
  • Automatic purge on shut down
  • Built-in mass flow sensor
  • Interchangeable calibration gases
  • Eliminates need for expensive hazardous shipping


The Cal 2000 provides unmatched versatility and accuracy in corrosive calibration gases. Field replaceable electro-chemical generating cells provide a calibration standard for accurately testing chlorine, chlorine dioxide, hydrogen, hydrogen cyanide, and hydrogen sulfide gas sensors.

The Cal 2000 is microprocessor controlled and has an LCD display allowing field adjustable ppm and flow rate. The generating cells are interchangeable and field replaceable. Best of all, the Cal 2000 provides up to 50 times as much calibration gas as a disposable cylinder at approximately the same cost. The electrochemical generating cells do not degrade over time.

The Cal 2000 gas generator has a built-in mass flow sensor that automatically compensates for altitude and temperature. The mass flow sensor combined with the instruments internal pump, provide extreme flexibility for calibrating both diffusion and sample draw detection systems