GASMAX QSM-RF Four-Channel Wireless Gas Monitor

Four-Channel AC/DC Powered Wireless Gas Monitor for Non-Hazardous Areas
  • Supports local or remote sensors up to 250 feet (EC)
  • Built-in AC supply with six foot power cord
  • Backup 76AH battery for extended operation without AC power
  • Surge protection on all sensor and power inputs
  • 900 MHz or 2.4 GHz radio
  • Easy to read 160×104 pixel graphic display
  • Magnetic switches for easy field setup and calibration
  • Five second gas level update when gas present


The GDS Corp GASMAX QSM-RF quad-channel wireless gas monitor supports up to four local or remote sensors for hazardous toxic or combustible gases or dangerous volatile organic compounds (VOCs). The backup battery operates for up to six months with EC and low-power IR sensors. The unit includes an easy-to-use four-command interface with push-buttons and magnetic switches that can be magnetically activated without opening the enclosure.

The GASMAX QSM-RF continuously monitors the of the surrounding gas level and transmits values once every minute. The reporting rate increases to once every five seconds when the measured gas rises above the Background Gas setpoint. This setpoint is adjustable, per sensor, to account for sites that may have a constant low level of gas always present allowing the GASMAX QSM-RF to maintain a long battery life (when not operating on AC power). When the gas level drops below the set-point, for all sensors, the reporting rate will return to once every minute.

The GASMAX QSM-RF is ideal for monitoring gases in non-hazardous applications such as water / waste water plants, chemical plants, areas subject to oxygen depletion and enclosed or confined spaces.