Protector32M System Controller with MODBUS Input

32-Channel MODBUS-Only System Controller for GDS Corp Gas Monitors with MODBUS interface
    • DC power (12-35V) or optional 150W AC power supply
    • 160×104 PIxel graphic display
    • Five push-button user interface with SCAN and RESET
    • Four dry-contact alarm relays with 4A replaceable fuses
    • Wet-contact fault relay output
    • RS-485 serial MODBUS output port
    • Surge protection on all power and signal inputs


The GDS Corp Protector32M System Controller is designed to monitor up to 32 channels of MODBUS data from GDS Corp wired gas detectors. An internal 150W power supply and four dry-contact alarm relays directly support local or remote strobes or horns.

The calibrated value of each input is shown on the graphical LCD screen along with alarm and status information.

The Protector32M includes four dry-contract alarm relays with user-adjustable alarm settings that may be set to either latching or non-latching operation. When latched, the RESET / ESC button can be used to clear the latched alarm.

The Protector32M controller includes an RS-485 serial MODBUS output that can allow remote PLCs or DCSs to monitor the input channels in real time.