GASMAX DSX Gas Monitor

  • Certified for use in Class I Div 1 hazardous areas
  • Monitor toxic gases, oxygen levels or hydrocarbon combustibles
  • Graphic display shows reading, alarm and fault conditions
  • Supports both local and remote toxic or combustible sensors
  • Non-intrusive magnetic interface for setup in hazardous areas
  • Supports GDS-IR and GDS-IR2 hydrocarbon combustible detectors
  • Dual independent channels support any combination of sensors
  • Operates on +18 to +30VDC
  • Four programmable alarm relays
  • Optional MODBUS wiring junction box


The GASMAX DSX gas monitor is an ideal solution for fixed ambient gas detection applications where multiple sensors are required. The monitor is designed to detect a wide range of toxic and combustible gases in potentially hazardous environments. The monitor operates on +18 to +32 volts DC and outputs an industry standard 4-20mA analog signal. Optional programmable alarm relays allow the GASMAX DSX to operate with a wide range of industry devices and system controllers.

The GASMAX DSX supports both local and remote electrochemical and infrared combustible sensors. Several electrochemical sensors, including hydrogen sulfide are available in low, medium and high ranges.

The GASMAX DSX features nonintrusive magnetic switches that allow complete system configuration, regular calibration and product maintenance to be performed in the field without compromising the explosion-proof rating. The display screen always shows the current calibrated level of gas present at the sensor.