GASMAX SSM Single-Channel Wired Gas Detector

Single Channel Gas Monitor for Non-Hazardous Areas
  • Supports single local or remote sensor
  • Operates on +12 to +35VDC or 110/220VAC with optional power supply
  • Three-button user interface
  • Red, amber, blue or tri-color highly visible top-mounted strobe
  • Dual tone buzzer
  • Industry standard 4-20mA output
  • RS-485 serial MODBUS port
  • Two-user programmable alarm levels per channel


The GDS Corp GASMAX SSM single-channel gas monitor supports a single local or remote sensor for hazardous toxic gases or a wide range of dangerous volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Sensors can be mounted locally or up to 100’ away.

The GASMAX SSM supports a single local or remote sensor that can be configured for any GDS Corp sensor type. The monitor has a dedicated fault output, an analog 4-20mA and a digital RS-485 serial output. There are two user-programmable alarm setpoints with front-panel LED alarm indicators.

The GASMAX SSM includes a standard top-mounted red, amber, blue or tri-color strobe and bottom-mounted dual-tone buzzer. The GASMAX SSM also includes a standard sensor splashguard fitting.

When configured for Remote Sensors, the GASMAX SSM ships with a remote sensor assembly and specified length cable.