GASMAX CS Wireless Battery-Powered Gas Monitor

Single-Channel Battery Powered Gas Monitor for Non-Hazardous Areas
  • Supports electrochemical, infrared or PID sensors
  • Dual 3.6AH easily-replaceable Lithium-Thionyl batteries
  • Two-year battery life for electrochemical sensors
  • Adjustable minimum gas setting extends battery life in areas with background gas
  • 900 MHz or 2.4 GHz radio
  • Three-button user interface eliminates need to open enclosure
  • Easy calibration


The GDS Corp GASMAX CS single-channel compact wireless gas monitor supports a wide range of sensors for toxic or volatile organic compounds (VOCs).
The monitor is battery powered for easy installation and includes push-buttons for fast setup and calibration as well as magnetic switches that do not require opening the enclosure.