GDS-78XP Single Channel Infrared Process Monitor for Hydrocarbons & Carbon Dioxide

GDS-78XP Infrared Process Monitor for Hydrocarbons & Carbon Dioxide
  • Designed for Class 1 Division 1 Hazardous Locations
  • Long life infrared sensors for carbon dioxide and hydrocarbons
  • Stainless steel coalescing filter removes particulates and moisture
  • Built-in flow meter provides visual confirmation of sample flow
  • Prompted calibration procedure and built-in calibration port for easy maintenance
  • Sample lines up to 100 feet in length
  • Optional 2x alarm relays and MODBUS slave interface
  • Calibration in hazardous area does not require declassification
  • Manufactured in USA


The GDS-78XP Process Gas Monitor is designed to provide monitoring for gas sample streams compatible with infrared sensors. The GDS-78XP combines the industry-proven reliability and performance of GDS Corp GDS-IR gas sensors with high quality sample conditioning and flow measurement components to deliver cost-effective solutions for process monitoring applications.