GASMAX QSM Four-Channel Wired Gas Monitor

Four-channel Ambient Gas Monitor with Strobe for Non-Hazardous Areas
  • Support four local or remote sensors
  • Any combination of electrochemical, infrared or PID sensors
  • Surge protection on all power and sensor inputs
  • Four graphic displays show gas levels and channel status
  • Red, amber, blue or tri-color highly visible top-mounted strobe
  • Dual tone buzzer
  • Individual 4-20mA and wet-contact FAULT output from each channel
  • Individual RS-485 serial MODBUS output from each channel


The GDS Corp GASMAX QSM quad-channel gas monitor supports up to four local or remote sensors for hazardous toxic or combustible gases or a wide range of dangerous volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Sensors can be mounted locally or up to 50’ away using the Remote Sensor Kit.

The GASMAX QSM consists of four independent sensors and associated sensor electronics assemblies that can be configured for any GDS Corp sensor type. Each sensor assembly has independent fault, analog 4-20mA and digital RS-485 serial outputs and two user-programmable alarm setpoints with front-panel LED alarm indicators.

The GASMAX QSM includes a standard top-mounted red, amber, blue or tri-color strobe and bottom-mounted dual-tone buzzer.

When configured for Remote Sensors, the GASMAX QSM ships with four remote sensor assemblies and cable and requires an external source of +24VDC.