The GASMAX / EC single channel Toxic / Oxygen gas monitor delivers the latest in loop-powered gas detection technology, reliability and ease of use. The GASMAX / EC is CSA certified for use in Div 1 & Div 2 explosion proof installations and intrinsically safe installations with IS barrier.

The highly visible display shows calibrated engineering values, bar-graph data, 30-minute trend and setup information. An internal real-time clock time-stamps calibration and alarm events for later review. Front panel flashing LEDs continuously indicate alarm conditions.

Operator interface is a menu-driven magnetic keypad, allowing complete setup and calibration without hazardous area declassification. There are no potentiometers and all adjustments are performed through the magnetic keypad interface.

The GASMAX / EC maintains a record of sensor calibration data that provides an estimate of sensor life remaining. During each post-calibration purge delay, the GASMAX / EC can be programmed to transmit this data on the 4-20mA output. Controllers such as the C1 Protector can display and communicate this data to a distributed control system or HMI such as the ProtectorHMI Data Visualization & Logging Software.

Locally connected Smart Sensors enhance this capability by maintaining their own electronic record of serial number, born-on date, initial calibration values, engineering units and other data, ensuring the most accurate measurement and alarming capability available today

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  • Single channel detector for all toxic gases
  • Non-polarized loop powered interface eliminates wiring errors
  • Graphic display shows value, units and trend graph
  • Non-intrusive one-person prompted calibration
  • Smart Sensors store calibration and alarm levels
  • Programmable power-up and post-calibration delays eliminate false alarms
  • Real time clock tags alarm and calibration events
  • Flashing Alarm Indicator LEDs
  • Security settings lock critical values
  • Certified for use in Explosion Proof and Intrinsically Safe installations