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What Does A Catalytic Sensor Do?

Posted by on Oct 30, 2019 in Catalytic & Infrared Sensors | 0 comments

Since many industrial buildings, laboratories, and offshore drilling platforms have flammable gases such as carbon monoxide or natural gas on their premises, it is important they have sophisticated monitoring systems in place to make sure gas buildups or leaks are quickly detected and dealt with in a safe manner. For many facilities, this means installing catalytic-type gas sensors in and around areas where gas leaks or buildups are likely to occur. But as technology has changed in these sensors, safety personnel and engineers may have questions as to their capabilities. If you are part of this group, here are some important details about the features of these sensors.

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How To Properly Select The Best Oxygen Depletion System

Posted by on Oct 28, 2019 in Oxygen Depletion | 0 comments

In many cases where a toxic gas buildup leads to a fire or explosion, the cause is oxygen depletion. One of the most serious issues a complex or laboratory can deal with, oxygen depletion must be addressed as quickly as possible once detected. Due to the many dangers associated with it, companies use oxygen depletion monitoring systems equipped with the latest electronics and other features. Now that new federal regulations are in place requiring the installation of these systems in all industrial and laboratory settings, it is important to know how to select the best oxygen depletion system for your needs.

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Things You Should Know About Combustible Gas Detectors

Posted by on Oct 25, 2019 in Combustion Leak Detector Kit | 0 comments

In certain types of facilities where the threat of a fire or explosion looms large, it is necessary to have detection systems that can quickly alert workers of danger in their area. As many of today’s detection systems have integrated wireless technology, advanced electronics, and multiple alarms into their list of features, it has become easier for facilities like manufacturing plants, water treatment plants, drilling platforms, and many others to keep employees safe. Yet if you are still indecisive about combustible gas leak detectors, here are some important details you should know about their performance and features.

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The Biggest Uses Of Alarm Control Panels In The Oil & Gas Industry

Posted by on Oct 23, 2019 in Alarm Controllers Detectors, Offshore Gas Detection | 0 comments

Whether protecting a chemical processing plant, refinery, or offshore drilling platform from fires and explosions or potential security breaches, alarm control panels play many vital roles in different types of facilities. Due to their importance, they are equipped with advanced electronics that allow them to perform a variety of functions in many types of work environments. Yet as companies upgrade their facilities and make changes to their existing industrial safety programs, it is crucial they know how to best use these systems.

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The Road To Safe Ammonia Detection

Posted by on Oct 21, 2019 in Ammonia Detection | 0 comments

If an ammonia leak occurs in a building, those who are nearby will find themselves distressed. From having trouble breathing to experiencing memory issues and confusion, these and other problems can become life-threatening if the ammonia leak is not quickly stopped. Since almost all industrial facilities have ammonia on their premises, it is increasingly important to have detection systems in place that can alert employees that an ammonia leak is underway in their area. As systems have become more sophisticated in recent years thanks to advanced electronics and programming, the road to safe ammonia detection has become much safer as well as more efficient.

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