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The Do’s and Don’ts of Oxygen Depletion Sensor Suppliers

Posted by on May 19, 2019 in Oxygen Depletion | 0 comments

If oxygen levels drop very low within an industrial plant or other similar work setting, the result can be a fire or explosion due to a toxic gas buildup. In most cases, these buildups can happen in a few minutes, meaning workers and others in the area may have little time to react or evacuate. To keep this from happening, it is critical a facility have oxygen depletion sensors installed in key areas that can constantly monitor oxygen levels and alert those in an area of possible danger. However, it is important to note that numerous federal regulations have been put in place in recent years regarding these detection systems, which has led to many changes regarding their features and uses within a facility. Therefore, prior to making a decision as to which ODS supplier to use, here are some facts to consider.

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What Does An Oxygen Depletion Sensor Do?

Posted by on Feb 19, 2019 in Oxygen Depletion | 0 comments

When a situation develops within a manufacturing facility, laboratory, or other area that results in a severe depletion of oxygen in the atmosphere, the result can be a toxic gas buildup that leads to a fire or explosion. Since it takes only minutes for this to occur, facilities rely on oxygen depletion systems to provide warnings to employees, giving them time to evacuate or initiate equipment repairs to fix the problem. However, as federal regulations have mandated in recent years the implementation of these systems in various facilities, many technological changes have been made, enabling these systems to perform at even higher levels. If you need to know more about the features and benefits of oxygen gas detection monitors and sensors, here are some key details to remember.

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