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Essential Features in a Gas Detection System

Posted by on Jan 17, 2020 in Gas Detection Equipments | 0 comments

To keep your workers and facilities safe from harmful gases, it’s important to have a detection system installed to monitor leakage and air quality. Like most businesses, you might be overwhelmed by the wide range of natural gas and toxic chemical detectors available. In a market where every manufacturer promises safety and reliability, it’s important to know what to look for in a gas detection system for your business.

Unfortunately, natural gas leaks can occur without any warning. As you’re developing your safety plan, it’s important to invest in a gas detection system that will accurately monitor your working conditions. From portability to wireless integration, there are important safety features to consider as you choose a gas detector.

Essential Features in a Gas Detection System, GDS Corp, Spring, TX



How accurately does it read?

In an emergency situation, the accuracy of your gas monitor cannot falter. A good gas monitor will promptly notify your employees of toxic gas exposure, but the best gas monitor will be sensitive enough to detect gases at the onset. To make sure you’re receiving the best possible reading, compare the measuring range of your devices and ensure that the sensors have been tested to detect the true gas concentration.

Pro Tip: With remote access, you can use your smartphone to easily access important information in your gas monitor from any location.

Is it reliable for your industry? 

Even after meticulous testing, gas detection systems can break down from toxic gases. Be sure to research which gases your industry is exposed to and compare the durability of the sensors in question. Having a reliable gas monitor will keep your employees safe for the long-term, and with proper functioning, could also save money.

In addition, don’t forget to verify that your detection system will detect the specific gases it is designed for. Unfortunately, many sensors can cross-detect different gases and could cause confusion in your facility. Minimize any unnecessary headaches by ensuring your gas monitor is calibrated to properly detect the gases in your vicinity.

How user-friendly will it be?

Don’t disregard the usability of your gas detection system. If your gas monitor is too complicated or disrupts a workers’ productivity, your team will see it as a hindrance and will fail to keep it maintained. Choose a device that can be easily handled and/or installed in your industrial or semiconductor equipment. With proper training and an effective gas monitor, your employees will be given the tools necessary to minimize hazards.

Safety is Key

At the end of the day, the most essential feature of a gas detection system is to keep you and your workers safe. If your safety equipment can’t be trusted to effectively guard against toxic gases, there’s a problem. Choose a gas detection system that will accurately and reliably perform in your industry.

Are you searching for the right gas monitor for your business? Connect with our engineers to learn more!

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A Guide To The Types Of Gas Monitoring Instruments You Need In Your Business

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In many types of industrial and research-oriented businesses, it is important to have safety measures in place. One of the most crucial and effective is gas monitoring equipment, which can detect leaks from equipment, pipes, valves, and other areas and alert monitoring centers of a potential problem. However, due to the variety of gas density monitoring instruments available today, it may be hard to determine which type will work best for your business. If you are in search of answers, here are some tips about various types of monitoring instruments.

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The Importance Of Gas Monitoring Equipment In Enclosed Spaces

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In numerous types of industrial facilities, many workers often spend a good part of their day in enclosed spaces, where they install or repair equipment. However, since these areas are some of the most dangerous areas for buildups of toxic or combustible gases, it’s crucial to have monitoring equipment in place that can quickly alert employees and others to potential danger. To do so, portable infrared gas detectors are often used by workers to quickly detect gas buildups in these areas, enabling them to evacuate before a situation becomes critical. To learn more about the importance of gas monitoring equipment in enclosed spaces, here are some additional details to consider.

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Gas Detector’s Working Principle & Instrumentation Tools

Posted by on May 14, 2018 in Gas Detection Equipments | 0 comments

In virtually all industrial facilities today, advanced technology has led to the installation of equipment costing millions of dollars. As a result, there is now a much greater emphasis on industrial safety programs, since companies have invested heavily in their facilities and the equipment they contain. To ensure fires or explosions do not occur, it’s crucial to choose flammable gas detection systems that possess the most up-to-date electronics and other technology to keep a facility as safe as possible. However, since the electronics and instrumentation in these systems are being constantly updated, it’s extremely important to make the right choice when trying to prevent flammable gases from leading to fires or explosions. If you are in the process of selecting flammable gas sensors for your facility, here are some general guidelines regarding their instrumentation.

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How To Buy Gas Monitoring Instruments On A Tight Budget

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When keeping employees safe, companies will spare no expense to ensure everyone has a safe working environment. However, as any business knows, there are always budget constraints that sometimes factor into what can or cannot be done in this area. But as technology continues to make advancements with gas monitoring equipment, more and more companies are finding they can purchase some of the best gas monitoring instruments on the market. If you find your company is dealing with a tight budget, here’s how you can still afford gas analyzers and monitors that will let you maintain high levels of safety.

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Advice For Choosing CO2 Meters

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In many industries, an undetected buildup of carbon dioxide can spell doom for the workers who are nearby. In confined spaces, offshore drilling platforms, or wastewater treatment facilities, buildups of these gases can happen quickly and with little or no warning. Due to the possibility of this happening, companies in various industries have placed a greater importance on installing carbon dioxide CO2 meters in their facilities. However, because there are so many factors to take into consideration when choosing CO2 meters, it’s crucial to know the most important points to keep in mind when making the best choices for your work environment.

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