GDS Corporation is proud to announce the launch of our revamped website! Our new website is an exciting part of our ongoing effort to improve our products and services for our valued customers. Here’s a look into what you can come to expect from our new online presence.

Our new website is finally online! Check out the new design and get a preview of the content you can expect here. #GDSCorp

About GDS Corporation

With over a decade of experience in gas detection, GDS Corp manufactures fixed gas detection systems for both toxic and combustible gases. We provide solutions for a wide range of industries including natural gas refineries, pipelines, chemical plants, and manufacturing facilities. All of our gas detection products are designed to be customized based on your unique set of needs and space requirements. It’s our goal to help you find the best equipment to keep your facility and employees safe from harm.

Get to Know Our New Website

It’s important for you to have easy and accessible information on our gas detection products. Our website was redesigned with you in mind so that you can quickly find the specifications or support you need. It may look a little different, but the most important data has been kept secure. Here’s what you can expect from our new layout.

1) Information & News on Our Blog

One of the biggest features of our website is our blog section. We’ve updated the look and feel to make it easy for you to read each blog article. Here, you can expect to find a new article posted every Friday morning providing you with information ranging from toxic gas health effects, workplace safety, to a detailed description of our gas detection products.

2) Detailed Product Specifications

It’s hard to know the differences between our different gas detection systems and sensor. Our product pages include the information you need to choose the best equipment for your facility. In each product category, you’ll find a range of products listed. From there, you can select each individual product for a product image, brochure, or downloadable manual. 

3) Industry Recommendations

Every industry comes in contact with a different set of harmful chemicals and gases. On our industry pages, you’ll find specific recommendations and gas detection equipment designed for your environment. From each industry page, you can easily browse through each product’s individual page for additional information.

4) Detection Solutions for Target Gases

There are a number of dangerous gases that are used in a number of processes and operations. If you have a specific chemical gas that you’re trying to monitor, our products can be configured to meet your needs. On our website, you’ll find a list of the most common gases that need monitoring along with our supported equipment.

Pro Tip: Our team utilizes state-of-the-art equipment and software to design a complete detection system based on the location and requirements of your facility.

5) Helpful Resources

Many of our customers need assistance in choosing the best equipment for their needs. We’re excited to be able to offer a range of resources including an online configurator to help you visualize your equipment. Additionally, our video library offers a number of tips and advice for using your gas detection products.

Ready to Serve You

The team at GDS Corp is excited to finally premiere our brand new website! As you research the best products for your applications, we hope this redesign helps us serve you better. Make sure you’re following us on Facebook for future blog articles and further updates from our company.