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Why LEL Sensors Are Not Effective In Measuring Toxicity

Posted by on Jan 23, 2019 in LEL Detector | 0 comments

In many types of industrial environments, workers spend much time in confined spaces and other areas where toxic gas buildups can occur. Therefore, facilities spend much time and money investing in detection systems to keep employees and equipment as safe as possible. However, when selecting a detection system for this purpose, LEL sensors may not be the best choice. Depending on a number of factors, particularly those pertaining to environmental conditions within the workplace, a Lower Explosive Limit meter may have difficulty in registering accurate toxicity readings. If your facility needs an accurate and reliable gas toxicity detection system, here are some details regarding LEL systems to keep in mind.

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Can I Afford an LEL Gas Detector?

Posted by on Dec 12, 2018 in LEL Detector | 0 comments

In any type of industrial facility, research lab, medical building, or manufacturing environment, it is vital to guard against undetected gas buildups. While many types of systems have been developed to guard against the threat of fires or explosions, one of the most effective has been LEL gas leak detectors. Versatile enough to be used in multiple settings and work environments, these detectors are known for precision, reliability, and ability to withstand harsh work conditions. Because of this, companies make these detectors their first choice when selecting gas detection systems. However, due to the many features found on these detectors, some companies are unsure if they will be affordable. But as the detection systems have evolved, the good news is that prices have dropped, allowing even the smallest companies to have state-of-the-art detection capabilities.

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Infrared LEL Gas Sensors – Risk and Rewards

Posted by on Oct 1, 2018 in LEL Detector | 0 comments

No matter the type of industrial facility, an undetected buildup of toxic or combustible gases can lead to a catastrophic event. Whether in the confined spaces of a manufacturing plant or research lab, or perhaps on an isolated offshore drilling platform, encountering this situation can lead to disaster. Because of this, companies have started to examine LEL gas leak detectors, which when equipped with infrared technology can detect dangerous gas levels far quicker than many other sensors. To gain a better understanding of how these sensors operate in various conditions, here are the risks and rewards associated with Lower Explosive Limit meters.

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The Importance of Monitoring LEL Gases

Posted by on Aug 15, 2018 in LEL Detector | 0 comments

In many industrial work settings, research labs, manufacturing plants, and other environments, it is crucial to have a detection system in place that can accurately and reliably monitor various types of LEL gases. Since these gases can lead to fires or explosions, letting dangerous levels of these gases go undetected can result in a catastrophic accident taking place. To keep this from happening, many companies have come to realize the importance of investing in state-of-the-art LEL sensors. Utilizing an array of features, these sensors can prove useful in a variety of ways.

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Why You Should Consider Installing LEL Monitor

Posted by on Jun 26, 2018 in LEL Detector | 0 comments

From the oil and gas industry to automotive manufacturing, wastewater treatment plants to medical research laboratories, the possibility of a dangerous gas leak is at the top of the list of emergency situations. Because of the high risks associated with gas leaks, such as fires, explosions, or suffocation, companies now make it a top priority to have comprehensive systems of LEL sensors installed in their facilities. Also known as Lower Explosive Limit detectors, these monitors play a key role in keeping employees and facilities safe from disaster. To learn more about these systems, here are some reasons to consider installing LEL monitors.

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What is a LEL Gas Detector and How Does it Work?

Posted by on Jun 1, 2018 in LEL Detector | 0 comments

Whether it is a manufacturing plant, offshore drilling platform, or other industrial facility, keeping workers safe is always a top priority. To accomplish this, facilities rely on LEL monitors to guard against the possibility of fires or explosions due to undetected levels of dangerous gases. These devices, known as Lower Explosive Limit detectors, allow for extremely precise monitoring of gas levels in both confined spaces as well as large areas, making them a key component of most industrial safety programs. Because they have become so important in recent years thanks to technological advances, it’s crucial to have an understanding of why they work so well in a variety of situations.

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