If you regularly work with combustible materials, an LEL gas sensor is a central part of your detection system. By monitoring the flammable vapors in the air, you can set up the first defense against catastrophic accidents such as sudden explosions or asphyxiation from toxicity levels. With the many gas detection products on the market, which one is best? Get the facts behind our LEL gas sensors as you choose one for your facility.

Not sure which LEL gas sensor is best for you? Compare our most popular models to determine which one will benefit you the most.

There are three conditions that are required for a fire or explosion: a fuel (or combustible gas), oxygen, and an ignition source. When those three conditions are present at the same time and at a certain ratio, flames and smoke will follow. With an LEL gas sensor, you can ensure that the ratio of combustible gases stays below a certain threshold so that you can respond quickly to even the smallest leak.

GDS Corp is proud to offer a number of gas sensor products for you to choose from. Take a look at the details of each sensor and find the one that works best for your application.


the GDS-48 Remote Sensor is compatible with all GDS Corp detection systems. Features include:

  • Designed to reduce voltage and interface circuitry within GDS Corp controllers to provide the lowest cost per point
  • Field-replaceable catalytic bead LEL, infrared & PID sensors modules
  • Standard stainless steel sensor housing
  • Easy interface to GASMAX II monitors and C1, C2, C2 Quad, and C64 Protector series controllers


As a three-wire 4-20mA remote sensor transmitter, the GDS-50 is designed to detect combustible gases and is compatible with all of GDS Corp’s controllers and monitoring systems. Features include:

  • Designed for Class I Division 1 Hazardous Locations
  • Interchangeable infrared sensors for CO2 and hydrocarbons
  • No voltage or balance adjustments during setup or operation
  • Field-replaceable sensor module for easy maintenance
  • SmartIR sensor fully temperature compensated from -20°C to +50°C
  • Extended temperature version for Methane and Propane available for -40°C to +65°C
  • Stainless steel sensor enclosure for high noise immunity

GDS-IR Remote Combustible Sensor

Designed specifically for harsh industrial settings, the GDS-IR Remote Combustible Sensor uses infrared sensing technology to detect dangerous or explosive gas levels. Features include:

  • CSA Certified for Class I, Div 1 explosion-proof installations
  • A straight-line optical path eliminates the need for mirrors
  • Suitable for use in SIL-2 rated safety systems
  • High-speed response for critical applications (T50 less than 3 sec)
  • Rugged stainless steel construction with no moving parts
  • The heated optical chamber maintains accuracy in cold conditions
  • Operates in constant hydrocarbon and anaerobic atmospheres
  • Ten discrete fault indication values for all failure states
  • Routine span calibration not required for normal operation
  • Random power-up delay reduces the initial load on the power supply

Reliable LEL Gas Detection

Do you have a dependable way to monitor the hazardous gases in your facility? Analyzing your set of needs and finding a solution that will maximize your safety is our specialty. We’ll consider which gases you regularly work with, what type of LEL gas sensor is suitable, and how you can start implementing gas monitoring as soon as possible. 

Get in touch with our team for more information about our different types of gas detection systems.