GDS Corp. is a leading manufacturer and provider of gas and flame detection equipment. Clients from the utility, oil, gas, water, military, chemical processing and many other commercial and industrial sectors count on GDS for reliable, advanced detection equipment that is easy to use and cost effective.

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Gas Detection Equipment includes instruments designed for monitoring and detecting hazardous materials, such as combustible gas, solvent vapors, Volatile Organic Compounds, oxygen and toxic gas or vapor in the atmosphere or in processes where the presence of these hazardous materials pose an explosion or toxic risk to personnel or property.

The common elements of a Gas Detection System, also known as Fixed Gas Detection Instruments, are the sensor, detector, transmitter, controller and annunciation in the form of audible and visual alarms. Depending on the target gas to be detected and the system requirements, basic Gas Detection Equipment may include a detector with sensor that has a real time display of the gas concentration being detected, optional alarm relays and an output such as an analog 4-20mA or RS-485 Modbus signal. The output from one or more detectors is connected to a Display and Alarm Controller for the purposes of providing some form of alarm annunciation.

In some cases the combustible gas may be contained inside confined spaces, wet wells or sumps. In these cases, a sample draw monitor is preferable as it allows the sensor to be operated in a remote location. Sample draw monitors are also far easier to calibrate and monitor since the sensor and display can be mounted in an easily accessible location outside the confined space.

Gas Detection Equipment, including combustible gas detectors, are commonly considered safety equipment and are designed to detect the presence of leaks or hazardous conditions, and generally are not part of the process control loop. GDS Corp also manufacturers a series of Process Monitors that can be used to monitor the levels of gas found in common chemical processes.

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To determine the best solution for a specific requirement for Gas Detection Equipment, contact GDS Corp., a US manufacturer of Fixed Gas Advanced Detection Equipment located in Houston, Texas. Their many years of experience with Gas Detection Equipment, chemical detection equipment and Fixed Gas Detection solutions, as well as process and control instruments experience, can be a great resource to determine the best solution for a specific application.

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