Combustible Gases
GDS Corp
58XP Sample Draw System
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The GDS-58XP Sample Draw is designed for applications where the reliability of traditional diffusion sensors is compromised by high temperatures, excessive flow rates or high levels of particluates or moisture. The GDS-58XP includes a long life diaphram pump, low flow warning switch, visual flow meter and GASMAX II gas monitor with analog output and multiple 5A alarm relays.  The GDS-58XP supports sample lines up to 100 meters in length and is suitable for installation in Class I Division 1 hazardous areas.


  • Designed for installation in Class I Division 1 Hazardous Areas
  • Supports all GDS Corp electrochemical and bridge-type sensors
  • High quality diaphragm pump with 24VDC motor
  • Built-in flow meter provides visual confirmation of sample flow
  • Prompted calibration procedure and calibration gas port for easy maintenance
  • Dual programmable 5A SPDT relays for low and high alarm indication
  • Sample lines up to 100 meters in length
  • Optional matching 110/220VAC power supply