Are you hoping for a combustible gas detector that is not only reliable, safe and easy to use, but also affordable? GDS Corp is proud to provide the gas and flame detectors that keep your facility running smoothly and for the protection of all employees and property.

Our clients work in the oil, gas, water, waste water, semiconductor, chemical processing, municipal, marine, utility, offshore and other industries. To meet their needs, we concentrate on developing technology that is considered state of the art, and displays unparalleled features and capabilities. Along with amazing durability, even in harsh conditions and environments, as well as fantastic warranties, your combustible gas leak detector will be up to the challenges you give it every day.

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GDS Corp Offers The Best In Combustible Gas Detection

Nothing is more valuable than the lives of you and your employees, not to mention the property you’ve worked so hard to build and maintain. Let GDS Corp and its application engineers build you the gas detector system that does the job right morning, noon and night.

Combustible gas is a recognized hazard in almost all industrial environments. Gases such as methane and propane are often used as fuel sources for boilers and furnaces, while heavier hydrocarbons such as ethane and propylene are typically present as intermediate compounds in oil refining, or the production of plastics and synthetics. In addition to compounds that are gaseous at room temperature, combustible liquids pose hazards if ambient temperature exceeds the liquids flash point.

Because of the constant danger of explosion in these situations, any combustible gas detection system must be highly reliable as well as simple to operate and maintain. Calibration should be easy and error-free. Detectors should support both catalytic bead and infrared sensors and allow the user to easily switch between the different technologies depending on application, environment and target gas. With GDS Corp, you get all of this and so much more.

GDS Corp GASMAX II and GASMAX CX gas monitors are designed specifically for combustible gases and feature interchangeable catalytic bead and SmartIR infrared sensors. Both offer user-prompted two-step calibration, while the new GASMAX CX offers a full color, high contrast display with bright flashing yellow (warning) or red (alarm) messages that are visible at long distances. You can feel confident that this combustible gas leak detector will alert you to the presence of any dangerous gases in your facility.

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