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Why You Need To Set up A VOC Sensors In Confined Spaces?

Posted by on Dec 15, 2018 in VOC Sensors | 0 comments

Whether it is an offshore drilling platform, chemical manufacturing facility, research lab, water treatment facility, or other site, they contain many confined spaces where employees install, test, and repair equipment. While these areas contain a facility’s most important equipment, they are also some of the most dangerous places in an industrial area, since buildups of hydrogen sulfide and other dangerous substances can occur quicker here than in other areas. Due to the danger faced by employees in these areas, effective monitoring is a must. To accomplish this, VOC sensors are used in many ways to ensure confined spaces are safe for employees.

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Can I Afford an LEL Gas Detector?

Posted by on Dec 12, 2018 in LEL Detector | 0 comments

In any type of industrial facility, research lab, medical building, or manufacturing environment, it is vital to guard against undetected gas buildups. While many types of systems have been developed to guard against the threat of fires or explosions, one of the most effective has been LEL gas leak detectors. Versatile enough to be used in multiple settings and work environments, these detectors are known for precision, reliability, and ability to withstand harsh work conditions. Because of this, companies make these detectors their first choice when selecting gas detection systems. However, due to the many features found on these detectors, some companies are unsure if they will be affordable. But as the detection systems have evolved, the good news is that prices have dropped, allowing even the smallest companies to have state-of-the-art detection capabilities.

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What Is The Price of A Methane Gas Detectors For Industrial Purposes?

Posted by on Dec 9, 2018 in Methane Gas Detectors | 0 comments

When a methane gas buildup develops, the result can be a catastrophic fire or explosion. Rather than let this occur, industrial facilities install state-of-the-art methane gas detection systems to ensure employees and facilities are properly protected. However, because there is such a variety of detection systems available to companies, pricing for these systems can vary. While some detectors may cost only several hundred dollars apiece, others with sophisticated electronics and numerous functions may cost thousands of dollars apiece. If your company is seeking to install a new detection system, or perhaps upgrade an existing one at a facility, here are some guidelines regarding the pricing of methane gas detectors.

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How To Set Up A Natural Gas Monitoring System

Posted by on Dec 5, 2018 in Natural Gas Monitoring | 0 comments

In oil refineries, manufacturing plants, or at offshore drilling stations and natural gas pipelines, fires and explosions are always a constant threat. Because of this, sophisticated detection systems are often installed in an effort to keep employees and property safe from a catastrophic situation. To ensure the highest levels of safety are always in place, natural gas monitoring systems are used to constantly monitor key areas where natural gas leaks may occur, such as near pipelines, equipment, and in areas where various chemicals may be stored. But to make sure maximum protection is available 24/7, it is vital to know the best ways to set up a monitoring system.

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How To Use A Combustion Gas Leak Detectors

Posted by on Dec 1, 2018 in Combustion Leak Detector Kit | 0 comments

In an industrial facility or other similar setting, there is always the threat of a fire or explosion. Because of this danger, companies are always seeking the latest detection systems possessing state-of-the-art features. In recent years, this has resulted in many facilities installing combustion gas leak detection systems, which have become more accurate due to a variety of technological breakthroughs. From smart sensors to programmable systems and easy-to-read graphs and displays, these detection systems have proven to be very effective. If your facility is in need of combustion sensors, here are some tips on how to use them effectively.

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