The beginning of a new year is upon us! While we may not know what 2021 will hold, GDS Corp is committed to being your trusted source for reliable gas detection products. Our team is excited about the new possibilities and opportunities that the new year will bring, especially as it pertains to safeguarding your facility or warehouse with preventative equipment.

Happy New Year from GDS Corp! Discover how your facility can benefit from our range of safety protective equipment in 2021!

Say Hello to 2021 with GDS Corp

In every manufacturing facility or warehouse, there are different hazards that threaten the health and safety of every worker. With the number of materials and chemicals used on a regular basis, it’s important to have detection systems in place to monitor your surroundings.

By detecting a leak or faulty equipment ahead of time, you can quickly respond with remedial action to maintain your facility’s overall working conditions. Take a look at some of our most popular gas detection equipment to help prepare your facility for the new year.

1) Gas Detectors

At the base level, our range of NRTL-certified fixed gas detectors can be configured to measure any hazardous gas in your vicinity. Here’s a review of our top models:

  • GASMAX II – a single/dual channel gas monitor with high-resolution intelligent display and industry-standard communications
  • GASMAX CX – a single/dual channel gas monitor with high visibility color display, advanced networking, and sophisticated sensor signal processing
  • GASMAX EC – a loop-powered two-wire gas detector designed to detect highly reactive gases under the most hazardous conditions

2) Alarm Controller

In order to have a full-range detection system that will alert employees to unsafe conditions, it’s important to have a reliable alarm system. With GDS alarm controllers, you can keep an eye on all of your gas detection systems from one centralized place. Here’s a review of our top models:

  • C1 Protector – eight or sixteen channel alarm and display controller certified for use in Class I, Division 2 potentially hazardous areas
  • C2 Protector – two-channel alarm and display controller for combustibles and Class I, Division 2, Groups A, B, C, D for use in hazardous areas.
  • C2 Quad Protector – four-channel alarm and display controller for combustibles and Class I, Division 2, Groups A, B, C, D for use in hazardous areas.
  • C64 Protector – advanced sixty-four channel alarm and display controller best suited for flow measurement, tank level monitoring, and other critical alarm applications

3)  Wireless Gas Detection Systems

Ultimately, not every facility will benefit from a standard wired gas detection system. If you have areas that are off-site or hard to access, having a wireless option is crucial. Here’s a list of our top wireless gas detection solutions:

  • GASMAX TX – wireless gas detector equipped with dual-channel capability, infrared sensors, and advanced radio technology with the ability to send encrypted transmissions
  • C2/TX – wireless site manager controller that monitors alarm data from up to 32 GASMAX TX Gas Detectors and offers MODBUS, RF, and 802.11 b/g WiFi outputs
  • 95/TX – wireless alarm station that allows you to easily install warning strobes and horns to your individual gas detectors

New Year, New Possibilities

The start of a new year gives us an opportunity to look back over all that was accomplished in the year past and look forward to the possibility for change in the future. Our team is dedicated to providing you with the resources you need to protect your employees from harm.

How can we help you safeguard your facility for the new year? Get in touch with our team for more information about our gas detection solutions.