Every city, municipal district or county has one. They may look unremarkable, just a series of buildings and large ponds of water. They are water and wastewater treatment plants. They and the staff that keeps them running effectively are essential to our everyday lives and the smell is only a hint of the many dangers that these types of facilities can contain.

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Charged with purifying our drinking water and treating waste in all its forms, water and wastewater processing facilities produce a wide variety of flammable and toxic gases. These fumes which can become hazardous in the right setting or quantity need to be monitored on a constant basis.

At GDS we understand ensuring the safety of workers is crucial to the successful operation of any treatment facility. Part of that includes wide-ranging gas detection, monitoring and alarming.

What are the dangers?

The principal gases of concern in a water and wastewater treatment facility are methane, hydrogen sulfide, and oxygen. When natural organic matter (i.e. human waste) decomposes in the plant, it produces hydrogen sulfide and methane. A buildup of these gases often leads to a shortage of oxygen and in some extreme cases, if there is a source of ignition, an explosion.

However, there many other gas hazards found in both types of treatment facilities such as the chemicals used to purify the water including ammonia, chlorine and chlorine dioxide. Other dangers include the chemicals dumped or spilled from industrial sites. As they arrive to a wastewater processing facility they pose other unknown dangers to workers.

How can the danger be lowered?

Complete elimination of these gas hazards is impossible. Therefore constant monitoring of both types of treatment facilities is critical. GDS offers four different gas detectors that are easy to use, very reliable, and an extremely cost-effective safety measure.

Our Products

The C2 Quad

Our standard four-gas monitor or C2 Quad provides detection, monitoring, and alarming from the primary gases found in treatment facilities. Users can program it to alert workers of high levels of methane, carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide, and ammonia. Or it can be readjusted to alarm when low levels of oxygen are present. The option to choose what you want monitored is the reason this monitor remains a popular choice.

The C2 Quad continuously displays gas levels while remaining alert if they become too high or low (depending on the gas being monitored). With the choice of three different alarm levels, a high-resolution LCD with graphic display, and relay outputs allowing for horns, beacons and other alarm tools, it is full of options. It can also support up to four wireless gas monitors. The C2 Quad is perfect for its ease of use and low power consumption.

The C2 Protector Controller

The C2 Protector Controller with its real-time display is designed to monitor and detect up to two different types of gases. With its large graphic LCD screen, three-level adjustable alarm system, and LED lights to indicate the alarm level, this is a versatile product.

Delivering the most up-to-date toxic and combustible gas detection technology, the GASMAXII is popular for its reliability and ease of use. This monitoring device has a highly visible backlit display and piercing alarm. Thereby making it easy to read and hear should an emergency arise. It comes equipped with LEDs constantly showing alarm status, a screen that indicates alarm levels, and the most recent 30 minute data values for the area being monitored.


This new single gas monitor comes equipped with a full-color display and was created to monitor, detect, and alarm any combination of combustible or flammable gases. It has the most advanced networking features and has been created for situations where gas readings need to be digitally transmitted across networks. With its high performance micro-processor remote users can monitor gas levels, and make the necessary configuration changes in real time via a smart phone, computer, or tablet. Users find the color back lit TFT display makes this monitor easy to read. It also changes to red or yellow in the event of a gas alarm.
Inherent Dangers

The hazards of gases in both water and wastewater treatment plants are an inescapable fact of these industries. Having the most effective gas detection equipment is paramount to creating a safe and secure work environment. GDS has the equipment and experience necessary to help treatment facilities select the correct monitors for their unique situations. Let us help you in securing your place of work and your workers.

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