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An oxygen depletion sensor, used by GDS Corp. in our line of Fixed Gas Detection Systems, is an electrochemical sensor that generates a low level current equal to the amount of oxygen present in an atmosphere, in a range of 0.0 to 25.0% by volume. An oxygen depletion, or oxygen electrochemical sensor is used to monitor an area or a process to see what the oxygen level is as compared to the typical oxygen content in breathing air which is 20.9% by volume.

The oxygen depletion sensor is a critical component of a fixed gas detection system, where the system is used to continuously monitor and alarm when oxygen levels get to levels below 20.9%. For area ambient monitoring, where personnel are to be protected for the depletion of oxygen, it is critical to alarm when the oxygen depletion sensor reads levels below 18.5% for an initial alarm, and then 16.0% for a critical second alarm. People can become unconscious at low levels of oxygen in breathing air, and can even die as a result of a very low level as monitored and detected by a oxygen depletion sensor.

GDS Corp oxygen depletion sensors may even be used in a sample draw fixed gas detection system to monitor inert gases, or used as a purge gas to blanket toxic or combustible gas and vapor in a process where the oxygen depletion sensor would alarm should the oxygen level go above 3% by volume.

Every oxygen deficiency sensor must be periodically calibrated and even replaced as they have limited shelf life and life cycle times as part of a fixed gas detection system. Be sure to contact and discuss your application with the team at GDS Corp. to determine the proper fixed gas detection system and how best to utilize an oxygen depletion sensor for your application.

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