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When to Use an H2S Meter

An H2S Meter is a device for the detection of Hydrogen Sulfide, or H2S. It monitors for, detects and indicates the amount of Hydrogen Sulfide present in the environment. Typical H2S measurement is shown in ppm levels, or Parts Per Million. Due to the hazardous nature of H2S gas, H2S meters or H2S monitors are commonly required to protect personnel. Level as low as 300 parts per million (300 ppm) can be hazardous and higher values can cause immediate danger to life.

A fixed H2S Meter is typically part of an H2S Gas Detection System that may use both sample draw gas detection devices as well as ambient diffusion gas detectors, depending on whether the area monitored for dangerous H2S levels is open to the air or is considered a confined space. Typically, if an H2S meter or H2S monitor detects the presence of gas in concentrations higher than those allowed by OSHA and NIOSH regulations, the gas detection system generates a warning via strobe light or horns.

Due to the high toxicity of hydrogen sulfide gas, H2S Meters or H2S monitors should be installed whenever H2S may be present, such as onshore or offshore drilling rigs, waste water treatment plants, biogas facilities, landfills, and municipal sewage and underground utility areas.

GDS Corp H2S Meters / H2S Monitors

GDS Corp offers both wired and wireless H2S monitors that are easily integrated into full gas detection systems with warning horns, strobes and even satellite or cellular communications systems that can send emails or text messages to technicians from unmanned well sites or compressor installations. Contact a GDS Corp applications engineer to learn more about H2S meters and complete H2S gas detection systems.

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For the best solution to a specific Gas Detection requirement, contact GDS Corp,. a Houston, TX, based manufacturer of Fixed Gas Detection Equipment. After many years of experience with Fixed Gas Detection solutions and Gas Detection Equipment, not to mention process and control instruments, we can be a great resource for your facility. GDS Corp. has single gas H2S instruments that can be used as an H2S Meter as well as multi-point systems, where any number of H2S Meters can be installed and connected to a central controller capable of collecting the outputs of all of the H2S Meters and providing centralized display, control and alarm annunciation.

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