Within numerous industrial settings, combustible gases and solvents pose serious problems. Along with the risk of inhalation, workers are exposed to situations that could lead to fires or explosions if high levels of volatile organic compounds are not detected in time. Because of these dangers, companies in the oil and gas industry as well as other industries are always looking for the best VOC detectors on the market. But with technology changing and VOC sensors becoming more advanced each year, it can be difficult to determine which VOC gas sensors are best for your company. Therefore, it’s vital to learn as much as possible about these detectors, which in turn will help you decide what types of detectors you can afford.

Fixed Detection Systems

In many industries, fixed detection systems are a must to ensure employees are able to be alerted to dangerous gas levels no matter where they may be located within a facility. Depending upon the type of system chosen, the costs can vary between several hundred and several thousand dollars. With multiple alarm systems, wide detection ranges, and the ability to detect multiple types of gases, this VOC sensor is known for accuracy and reliability.

Portable Monitors

When maintenance tasks require that workers enter confined spaces or other areas that may be isolated, portable monitors are considered to be essential pieces of equipment. Very effective in harsh work environments, these monitors are able to provide accurate readings in extreme heat or cold, as well as in areas of high humidity or dust. Considered very affordable by most companies, the majority of portable monitors cost from $150-$600 and can quickly transmit data to personnel in monitoring centers and to mobile devices including tablets and smartphones.

Confined Space Kits

For some jobs that require work in confined spaces, it’s necessary to use specialized kits that ensure workers will remain as safe as possible. To accomplish this, many companies purchase confined space kits that have adjustable alarms, rechargeable batteries, and extremely sensitive sensor ranges that can detect small amounts of numerous gases and other substances. Due to the specialized equipment found in these kits, the cost can be quite high, with many kits ranging in price between $1,500-$4,000 or more.

Data Logging Meters

With a sensor range up to 50 parts per million, these meters can operate successfully in environments of 95 percent humidity and have efficient and reliable data logging capabilities. Very affordable with a cost of $300-$500, they are very useful for making general measurements of mixed-gas volatile organic compounds, allowing workers to gauge the safety of an area in which they may be working.

Affordability and Dependability

With such a variety of sensors on the market, knowing what you can afford can become a difficult decision. Due to this, you need to speak with industry experts who understand the pros and cons of numerous types of detectors. Contact GDS today, and get started on finding the right volatile organic compounds sensor for your company.