Working on a commercial or industrial project is a big task with big goals. But it also has inherent risks. Any project should have a number of safety measures to make sure the workers are safe and the project is secure. One wrong decision could put the whole project in jeopardy and cause millions to be lost and much time to be wasted. For that reason, every project should include a CO2 sensor.

CO2 sensors provide a number of tangible advantages that contribute to the success of a project. Firstly, infrared gas sensors (NDIR) that test for CO2 are important because the chemical can inflame fires that get out of control.

Mining projects in particular need high quality C02 sensors. As one of the most dangerous jobs on the planet, miners are subject to a variety of risks including structural integrity, inhalation of petroleum distillates used in the mining process, fire and CO2 inhalation. Without a CO2 sensor, the minors are at a very high risk.

CO2 sensors are also important due to strict regulations on the amount of the molecule that can be released into the air. As politicians become more and more concerned with global warming and air quality, they are increasingly writing regulations that demand strict monitoring and collecting of CO2 levels. Sophisticated sensors can help with this process.

One enhanced oil recovery (EOR) technique that has emerged in recent years involves pumping large amount of carbon dioxide underground in selected areas to break up rocks and suck out the latent oil pools. Some researchers believe that over 10 trillion cubic feet of CO2 has been pumped underground in the last few decades. A quality CO2 sensor is required to make sure that very little of it escapes into the atmosphere.

Similarly, that are regulations on the emissions of CO2 on offshore oil and gas projects. The marine ecosystem is at a delicate balance. With a seismic shift in CO2, the ecosystem would be thrown out of balance which would have important repercussions on the food chain and the habitability of our beaches. After the tragic BP offshore oil explosion, firms have been much more careful about this risk.

Overall, a good CO2 sensor is absolutely critical for a number of commercial and industrial projects. These devices help assure safety, accurate data collection and obedience to government regulations. All sophisticated industrial firms are now implementing high quality CO2 sensors into their projects.