One of the most important parts of keeping a commercial space safe, especially in a manufacturing situation, is to have reliable gas monitoring and gas detection units. Most gases are undetectable for humans, so it is vital that you have the right tools that can make it possible to keep your property safe at all times. You do, however, need to know the very important differences between a gas detection system and a gas monitoring one.

Gas Detector

A gas detector is a device that will alert you if there is gas present. It is usually a device that is part of a greater alarm system in a commercial space, which sends a warning in the form of an alarm to warn anyone in the area to leave. Since most gases are odorless, this is very important for you to have on your property. Gas detectors come in many different sizes and types, offering you a choice when you start looking for devices to purchase. You can choose from infrared systems to ultrasonic systems. These detectors can be used to detect toxic, flammable, and combustible gases as well as oxygen depletion levels.

Gas Monitor

A gas monitor is different from a gas detector. One of the most important differences is that a monitor can be portable, allowing workers to clip them onto their uniforms when heading to work in an area that might have gas leaks. Many of the monitors are personal-use ones, and the addition of them to your commercial building can be a great benefit to your employees. There are some monitors that are especially designed to monitor one particular kind of gas, such as carbon monoxide, while others run the gamut of what they can detect. These devices are easy to use and light, allowing workers to carry them around as they work. They are also wireless, while most gas detectors are not.

Knowing the difference between a gas detection system and a gas monitoring one can be important when you want to keep your business and your workers safe. When you want portable, easy to use, and individual use devices, then the monitors are the best idea. When you want an alarm system that can detect gas leaks in an entire building and will alert you quickly, a gas detector is your best bet. Take the time to learn about the options available to make the best purchase.