GDS Corp. is a leading manufacturer and provider of wired and wireless gas detection, flame detection and gas process monitoring equipment, specializing in oil and gas, water and waste water, chemical processing and related industrial applications. GDS Corp offers advanced detection equipment that is easy to use and cost effective.

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About Wireless Alarms for Gas Detection Systems

The ability to provide wireless alarms is a relatively new feature in the world of industrial gas detection. Recent advances in battery technology, miniaturized RF modems and ultra-low power sensors have made it possible to offer reliable, long-life battery operated systems capable of detecting both toxic and combustible gases. With communications reliability approaching that of wired installations, users can now deploy these wireless alarm systems without having to incur the high cost of conduit installation. More importantly, as conditions warrant, individual wireless gas detectors and entire wireless alarm systems can easily be moved to new locations to maximize protection for workers and equipment.

How Wireless Alarms Work

Wireless alarm systems for toxic and combustible gases include wireless battery-powered gas detectors, one or more centralized wireless alarm controllers and optional wireless remote alarm stations. When one of the wireless gas detectors identifies a hazardous condition, it broadcasts a message to the alarm controller and remote alarm stations, activating a warning multiple strobe lights or high intensify horns. In addition, information about the alarm is stored in the alarm controller’s database, and an alert email or text message can be transmitted to safety personnel if the wireless alarm system is unmanned.

GDS Corp Wireless Alarms

GDS Corp wireless alarm systems for toxic and combustible gases can support up to 32 single channel or 16 dual channel GASMAX / TX wireless gas monitors. The C2/TX Wireless Site Manager Controller has eight alarm relays as well as MODBUS, 802.11 b/g WiFi and USB-based data logging. The companion 95/TX Remote Alarm Station allows users to install warning strobes and horns in high-visibility locations to let workers know immediately when there is a dangerous level of gas present. Contact a GDS Corp applications engineer today to see if a Wireless Alarm System for Toxic and Combustible Gas can help make your well site, tank farm, industrial installation or warehouse a safer place to work.

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To determine the best solution for a specific requirement for Gas Detection Equipment, please contact GDS Corp., a US manufacturer of Fixed Gas and Flame Detection Equipment located in Houston, Texas. Their many years of experience with Gas Detection Equipment as well as process and control instruments experience, can be a great resource to determine the best solution for a specific gas or flame detection application.

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