GDS Corp. is a leading manufacturer and provider of gas detection, flame detection and gas process monitoring equipment, specializing in oil & gas, water and waste water, chemical processing and related industrial applications. GDS Corp offers advanced detection equipment that is easy to use and cost effective.

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SharpEye® Flame Detectors from Spectrex

A flame detector uses a combination of optical, infrared and ultraviolet sensors to detect the presence of open flame in a fixed area Flame detectors use sophisticated algorithms to combine information from the different sensor to identify the unique characteristics of a flame while maintaining the ability to ignore lightning, welding or brazing, sunlight and other non-flame-related radiation.

Depending the combination of infrared, ultraviolet or visible light sensors and selection of algorithms chosen, a given flame detector can be optimized for flammable fuels, flammable organics such as wood and paper and specialty applications such as metal or inorganic fires.

For example, the SharpEye 40/40I flame detector utilizes all three detectors in a ‘triple IR’ configuration that provides fast response with maximum resistance to false alarms. The 40/40L uses a combination of UV and IR sensors to optimize its response to hydrocarbon-based fuel and gas fires, hydroxyl and hydrogen files as well as metal and inorganic fires. All SharpEye flame detectors are SIL rated, offer a 150,000 hour MBTF and carry a five year warranty.

Flame Detector Installation

SharpEye flame detectors have a fixed coverage area that includes an area generally within 45 degrees left or right and up or down from the direction in which the detector is pointing. While the SharpEye flame detectors are designed to minimize false alarms, GDS Corp recommends that the monitored are not include any high intensity flickering sources of infrared energy. Variable sensitivity settings allow the SharpEye flame detector to be further optimized for the final installation. For more information on installing and using SharpEye flame detectors, please contact a GDS Corp applications engineer.

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To determine the best solution for a specific requirement for Gas Detection Equipment, please contact GDS Corp., a US manufacturer of Fixed Gas and Flame Detection Equipment located in Houston, Texas. Their many years of experience with Gas Detection Equipment as well as process and control instruments experience, can be a great resource to determine the best solution for a specific gas or flame detection application.

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