GDS Corp provides gas detection systems to customers in the oil & gas, water and waste water treatment, semiconductor, marine, chemical processing and municipal industries. Our clients have come to expect the most advanced technology as well as prompt customer service when assistance is needed. Sample draw monitors provide a unique solution to many applications where traditional gas detectors are ill-suited or inappropriate.

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The Best Sample Draw Systems

Sample draw is a term used to describe a gas monitor with integrated sample pump that ‘draws’ the sample from a remote location for measurement. Sample draw systems are ideal for confined spaces or environments where the placement of a traditional ambient sensor is inappropriate due to high moisture levels, high particulate debris, extreme temperature or is simply an area that is not easily accessed for installation and maintenance of a fixed gas detection system.

Sample draw systems typically use a pump to extract the sample from a remote location via flexible or stainless steel tubing and flow it across a sensor to monitor a specific target gas. In addition to a sample pump, a sample draw system should include a flow monitor or flow switch to detect plugged tubing or pump failure, as well as visual and electronic means to notify remote devices or monitoring systems of such a failure.

Because there are many considerations to a sample draw system, such as target gas, temperature, humidity, range of detection and distance from the sampling systems to the sample inlets, it is important to discuss the specific application with the team at GDS Corp to determine the best type of sample draw system to use. GDS offers sample draw systems for combustible and toxic gases, and even supports highly reactive gasses such as Chlorine or Chlorine Dioxide. The GDS-58NXP is a dual channel sample draw system that can measure both toxic and combustible gases simultaneously.

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