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About Open Path Gas Detectors

Open path gas detectors are designed to detect the presence of combustible levels of hydrocarbon gases in open areas or along fence lines. Open path detectors consist of an infrared source that transmits a focused beam of infrared light across an area to be monitored into a detector located some distance away. Hydrocarbon gas passing between the transmitter and detector interferes with the infrared beam, and the detector uses this drop in energy to determine that gas is present. The amount of decrease is proportional to the level of gas present.

Unlike a point gas detector that measures the amount of gas present in a specific area, an open path detector measures the quantity of gas in an area that covers the entire distance between transmitter and receiver. This allows a single open path detector to monitor a much larger area; however, since the open path detector cannot tell the difference between a large diffuse cloud of gas spread across the entire detection area and a small concentrated leak, a mixture of open path detectors and point detectors is often the best choice for industrial applications.

Proper installation of open path detectors is critical. Careful consideration should be given to the placement of transmitter and detector to ensure that the mounting points are stable and not subject to vibration or motion, as misalignment of the infrared beam will cause a loss of sensitivity and eventually a detector fault. Although modern open path detectors are relatively immune to adverse conditions such as rain, snow or fog, it is always advisable to include rain / sun covers for the open path transmitter and receiver to minimize temperature variation and reduce the possibility that moisture will enter the sealed enclosures.

GDS Corp is proud to offer the SafEye Quasar 900 Series of open path gas detectors from Spectrex. The Quasar 900 open path detection system provides continuous monitoring for combustible hydrocarbon gases and employs “spectral fingerprint” analysis of the atmosphere using the Differential Optical Absorption Spectroscopy (DOAS) technique.

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