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Natural Gas Odorants

Natural Gas Odorants

Since natural gas is naturally odorless, gas odorants blends that include tert-butyl mercaptan, tetrahydrothiophene (THT) or dimethyl sulfide (DMS) are added to gas in measured amounts to enhance safety and meet strict federal regulations. Monitoring odorant levels in any gas distribution system is critical, since too little odorant compromises safety and too much can result in expensive callouts for suspected leaks.

GDS-68XP Odorant Monitor

The GDS-68XP Odorant Monitor is designed to directly measure the level of mercaptan or THT-based odorant in a stream of natural gas. Sensors are available for 0-3 lbs/mmcf, 0-50 mg/m3 or 0-14 ppm. Up to twelve samples per day with excellent repeatability and long sensor left. Designed for use in Class...

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GDS-68XP Natural Gas Odorant Monitor


The GDS-68XP Process Odorant Monitor for Natural Gas Streams uses highly reliable and low cost electrochemical sensors to directly measure mercaptans and other gases in a stream of 100% natural gas. The microprocessor-controlled sequencing system periodically samples the...

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