Welcome to GDS Corp. Our mission is to give our clients in the industrial and commercial sectors peace of mind for themselves, their employees and their properties with the finest in gas and flame detection products and services. This monitoring equipment is vital to the security of a successful facility.

Clients in the oil and gas, water and waste water, semiconductor, military, offshore, municipal, chemical processing and many other industries, whether they are large or small, know they can rely on our monitoring equipment. In addition to being safe, any gas well equipment and other features from GDS Corp will be reliable, easy to use and cost effective. Better yet, the items can hold up to extreme and harsh environments and come with excellent warranties.

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GDS Corp Provides Safe, Reliable and Affordable Gas Monitoring Instruments

Gas monitoring instruments and gas well equipment are designed to protect personnel and property from the hazards associated with leaks or spills of combustible gases and solvent vapors, toxic gases and vapors, or oxygen deficient atmospheres. These gas monitoring equipment instruments use various detection technologies, such as catalytic bead, electrochemical, photo ionization and infrared sensing to monitor for these various combustible and toxic gases and vapors, alarming plants and personnel that a hazardous condition may exist.

Oil and gas refineries, chemical manufacturing plants, water and waste water treatment facilities, utility plants, semiconductor fabrication plants, and many industrial facilities use combustible and toxic materials as part of their process every day. The personnel and property must be protected from leaks and spills of combustible and toxic gas and vapor, so gas monitoring equipment and instruments will be used to detect these hazardous materials by diffusion or sample draw, depending on the specific hazardous gas application requirements.

Gas monitoring instruments, such as SO2 monitoring equipment, are typically made up of gas sensors, central controllers, alarm annunciation such as audible horns, visual alarm strobes, beacons and other indicating devices. Many gas monitoring systems are part of the facilities process control system, working with the plants Distributed Control System or DCS, or PLC’s to perform important safety operations should combustible or toxic gases and vapors be detected above values that are deemed to be hazardous.

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We understand that there’s a lot more to safety that gas monitoring. GDS Corp carries the alarm controllers, power systems, calibration supplies, flame detectors and process monitors clients need for the full range of risk management.

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From an SO2 monitor to a flame detector to calibration supplies, GDS Corp is proud to provide the solutions to the safety threats of the commercial and industrial sectors. No one offers more reliable and cost effective monitoring equipment, not to mention the unparalleled customer service. Please take a moment to get in touch via the phone and fax numbers listed on our website’s contact page.

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