GDS Corp is proud to have several years of experience when it comes to the gas and flame detection services needed in commercial and industrial facilities. From a carbon dioxide meter to calibration supplies to an IR thermometer, we carry the solutions to the countless potential dangers of these particular environments.

We have clients from the marine, utility, offshore, semiconductor, oil and gas, water and waste water, municipal, chemical processing and several other industries. In all that we do, we concentrate on safety first, with great attention to reliability, ease of use and cost effectiveness in all of our products. Cutting edge technology, excellent warranties and unparalleled customer service have earned us a place as leaders in our field.

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Top Notch Gas Meters from GDS Corp

Gas meter is a term that is sometimes used to describe a gas detector, gas monitor or gas detection system. Gas meters may be used to detect combustible gas or solvent vapors, or as a gas meter to detect the presence of toxic gas or vapor at low level ppm or part per million concentrations.

Using a gas meter, such as a CO2 meter, for detecting combustible gases or vapors, toxic gases or vapors, solvent gases or vapors and even oxygen deficient atmospheres can be mandated by federal or state regulations with regard to hazardous materials or the hazardous ratings of an industrial facility.

A gas meter, or as it may more commonly be referred to, a gas detector, when properly used as an integral part of a plant’s safety system, can provide audible and visual alarm indications that a hazardous spill or leak of a combustible or toxic material has occurred.

Many factors go in to properly selecting the right gas meter for an application such as, but not limited to, sensor type, monitoring method (such as diffusion or sample draw), the target gas that is to be monitored, input and output variables (such as analog 4-20mA), MODBUS, ethernet or relay inputs and/or outputs, as well as system redundancy into plant DCS, PLC or other control systems.

Be sure to discuss the gas meter requirements you have with a USA based manufacturer of fixed gas detection systems to learn more about the sensor technologies, sensor capabilities, level of detection options, and all of the other system and sub-system components that go together to make up a robust solution to your gas meter requirements.

Regarding specific items like a carbon dioxide meter or IR thermometer, our application engineers always take the time to understand client goals and restrictions, and create a product that is customized to those parameters.

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