Welcome to GDS Corp. Our team has years of experience in providing gas and flame detection systems to organizations in the commercial and industrial sectors. Whether the gas is explosive or toxic, a GDS Corp gas detector can help you maintain the utmost in workplace safety.

Our clients work in the military, utility, oil and gas, water and waste water, offshore, chemical processing, municipal and many other industries. It is our pleasure to give them the reliable, safe, cost effective and easy to use detector tools that make all the difference to facility operations.

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Understanding Gas Detection

Gas Detection is an inclusive term that refers to methods and instruments designed for the purpose of monitoring, detecting and indicating the presence of combustible gas, solvent vapor or toxic gas or vapor in areas where the presence of these hazardous materials pose explosion risk or toxic risk to both personnel and property.

The use of fixed gas detection instruments has been available for decades, evolving from primitive instruments used in mines to detect methane in air which posed explosion hazards to a multitude of instruments used today for the detection of combustible and toxic gases. Based on the end users’ specific application requirements and the target gas to be monitored, and the range of detection required by toxic and explosive gas detector devices, manufacturers create a variety of tools.

Gas Detection using fixed gas detection instruments typically will consist of an ambient gas detector, a transmitter and a controller, PLC or DCS used to annunciate an alarm condition. Gas Detection can utilize remote detectors, with transmitters and controllers located in other areas of the plant, or integral detectors, where the detector with sensor is attached directly to the transmitter and a local display can be read by personnel in the area.

Gas Detection has also evolved into Process Stream Monitors and Sample Draw Gas Detection Systems where some target gases can be monitored in process stream applications such as in biogas and natural gas distribution pipelines.

Due to the many solutions available today for Gas Detection it is important to discuss your specific requirements with a Fixed Gas Detection manufacturer, such as GDS Corp. Located in the Houston, Texas, area, where their years of instrument and control instrument experience can help you to select and use the appropriate Gas Detection System for your requirements, GDS is a company that offers detectors on a global scale.

Contacting GDS Corp.

Detectors tools might involve copper gas line, digital displays and many other components. You might need an explosive gas detector, and you might need a formaldehyde detector. Whatever the case may be, you can use the online contact form, as well as any of the listed phone numbers, to get in touch with our staff and application engineers. Our entire staff is devoted to your safety through early gas detection.

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