At GDS Corp, we put years of experience to work in the name of protecting the people and properties of the commercial and industrial sectors. Companies large and small have come to rely on us for safe, reliable, easy to use and cost effective gas and flame detectors, as well as gas alarm systems.

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Whether they’re from the oil, gas, water and waste water, semiconductor, chemical processing, marine, utility, municipal, offshore, our clients get nothing less than the best in highly capable, state of the art technology for their monitoring systems. Competitive installation prices, excellent warranties and unparalleled customer service have also helped to make us leaders in our field.

GDS Corp Knows Gas Alarm Systems

Gas detection systems are designed to provide an early warning indication that toxic or combustible gases may be present. Basic systems include one or more gas detectors, a centralized controller with user interface and local or remote warning strobe lights or warning horns.

Gas detectors can be fixed point detectors or open path detectors. Fixed point detectors measure the gas at one specific point, whereas open-path detectors uses laser or infrared beams to measure the average gas concentration across an open area between sender and receiver.

The gas system controller powers the gas detectors and monitors their outputs for values that exceed preset alarm limits. Controllers also provide calibration for “blind” sensors and alarm processing that often includes voting, grouping or zones, and data logging.

Wireless gas detection systems eliminate expensive field wiring and allow the gas detectors to be moved to different locations based on the nature of the hazard or potential source of leaks. In addition to all the functions required in a wired controller, wireless controllers must also manage the wireless data links and monitor each detector for communications interference.

As part of the gas alarm system, GDS’s dedicated alarm controllers have been designed to give affordable, reliable features to centralized gas detection system (from two to two hundred points and greater) control. Our controllers provide sensor excitation power, and continuously track sensor readings to implement warning devices if any one point, or combination of points, goes beyond the appropriate level. These gas alarm systems use MODBUS or ethernet connectivity to decrease the amount of dedicated inputs needed when linking gas detection into a facility-wide control system.

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We are fully committed to providing our industrial and commercial clients with the custom gas alarm system that meets their particular needs for safety and budget. Please feel free to reach us by phone or fax, using one of the many numbers listed on our website’s contact page. Let us put our vast and varied experience to work for the safety of your company and employees.

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