Welcome to GDS Corp. For several years, we have been leading the way when it comes to protecting those in the commercial and industrial sectors from common safety threats, from the most flammable gas to even mildly toxic gases.

Is oxygen flammable gas? What are the various types of flammable gas? What is the most flammable gas? These are all questions that our clients in the oil, gas, water and waste water, offshore, chemical processing, semiconductor, marine, utility and other industries can certainly answer. However, the challenges become greater when they need to ensure that their employees and safe from the potential dangers of these substances.

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Protecting People and Facilities from the Most Flammable Gas

Any gas that can burn or explode is considered flammable. Most flammable gases will burn only if the gas/air concentration is within well-defined upper and lower bounds. The lower bound, called the lower explosive limit, or LEL, is the point at which there is sufficient gas to sustain combustion or create an explosive mixture. Some gases that are considered toxic at low levels – for example, carbon monoxide – are also flammable above certain concentration limits.

Combustible gas detectors are typically calibrated to measure the range from zero to 100% of the lower explosive limit. In the case of methane, for example, the lower explosive limit is 5% methane in air. In other words, any mixture of 95% air and 5% methane will burn or explode if a source of ignition is present. Since the LEL is 5% and the detector reads 0 to 100% where 100% equates to the LEL value, a reading of 50% LEL methane means that the gas detector has measured a concentration of 2.5% methane in the immediate vicinity.

Different gases have different LEL values, and it is important to understand which target gas to use for calibration. Common gases include methane (“natural gas”) as well as propane and hydrogen. Some people wonder, “is oxygen flammable gas?” It is not on its own, but extreme environments can make certain materials act differently, and perhaps dangerously, when the oxygen levels are too high.

We never want our clients to lie awake at night, or lose time on the job, wondering “is this gas flammable?” For that reason, we manufacture reliable, cost effective and easy to use detectors that alert people as soon as threatening gases reach dangerous levels, often time even sooner than that. We are proud to provide a range of detectors for all types of flammable gas.

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Few things pose the threat to safety, including that of employees and property, that does flammable gas. Stay steps ahead of the dangers with gas monitors that are highly accurate and reliable, and from the most trustworthy company. Talk to our application engineers today about any particular needs.

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