Welcome to GDS Corp. Our clients work in the commercial and industrial sectors, and need flame detectors for the marine, water and waste water, oil, gas, chemical processing, municipal, offshore, semiconductor and other industries.

Unparalleled features and capabilities make our products truly state of the art. While safety is always the top priority, reliability, ease of use and cost effectiveness are also the goals in all that GDS Corp does. The systems are designed to hold up in harsh environments and heavy use, and come with great warranties for the protection of our clients.

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What Makes the Right Flame Detector?

A flame detector provides immediate notification of the existence of fire or flame. Flame detectors identify fires or explosions within a very short time, often as little as three to five seconds. Advanced circuitry and sophisticated software algorithms reduce or eliminate false alarms due to sunlight, reflections, welding or lightning.

The most advanced flame detectors use “triple IR” technology, combining information from three separate energy bands. They can be designed to detect hydrocarbon fires, burning metal or even hydrogen files that are invisible to the naked eye. Flame detectors are typically used where the presence of flame may be immediately catastrophic, such as airplane hangars, flammable gas storage lockers or industrial process equipment.

GDS Corp carries SharpEye Flame Detectors, which can operate in even the most harsh environmental conditions. This kind of flame detection system is self-contained, and a stand alone device meant for a direct connection to automatic fire extinguishing system or alarm system. Standard MODBUS and 4-20mA outputs let SharpEye’s flame detection devices work with any GDS Corp controller or alarm station. Fires caused by hydrogen, hydrocarbons or flammable metals can all be detected with particular models.

Other Products Available from GDS Corp

In addition to flame detection, GDS Corp offers systems for gas detection, process monitors, power systems and alarm controllers. Calibration supplies are also available. As for gases, our detectors can assist with toxic, combustible, natural and volatile gases, as well as hydrogen sulfide. In every product that we offer, safety is the ultimate goal, with reliability and affordability following closely behind.

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GDS Corp is proud to have a great reputation for quality safety products. Getting in touch is easy – feel free to use the phone and fax numbers provided on our website. The application engineers and other staff members will be glad to guide clients through the process of selecting a system. Once we understand your needs and parameters, we’ll get going on your custom flame detection device. It is an honor to provide our clients in the industrial and commercial sectors with the safety devices they need for their employees and properties.

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