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The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) defines a confined space to be an area large enough or so configured that an employee can bodily enter and perform an assigned task and has limited or restricted means for entry or exit. Examples of confined spaces include tanks, vessels, storage bins, hoppers, silos and pits.

Confined space monitors for gas detection are often of critical importance. While employees are required to check the space for hazardous gases before entering, during periods of inactivity it is possible for significant quantities of toxic or combustible gases to accumulate, leading to injury or an enhanced risk of explosion. This is why confined space monitoring equipment must be up to the challenge of the industry.

Placing a gas sensor inside the confined space may seem to be an ideal solution. However, sensors located inside any confined space require that workers enter the space to test or calibrate the sensor. Furthermore, these spaces are typically damp or dusty, and toxic or combustible sensors can be damaged by long term exposure to high levels of humidity or particulate. Fortunately, with GDS Corp gas monitors, confined space is no longer such a threat.

The GDS Corp GDS-58XP and GDS-58NXP Sample Draw Monitors provide an elegant and reliable solution to confined space monitoring equipment challenges. The GDS-58XP combines an industry standard GASMAX monitor with a long life brushless DC sample pump, visual flow meter and low-flow warning switch. The GDS-58XP supports any GDS Corp non-reactive gas sensor for toxic or combustible gases, and provides both 4-20mA and relay contact outputs that include a fault indication in the event that flow through the sensor is blocked. The new GDS-58NXP incorporates the GASMAX CX gas monitor with built-in Ethernet plus remotely-accessible web page display, dual MODBUS serial ports and 4x alarm relays. Both units include local calibration ports and optional analog or MODBUS wiring junction boxes for easy installation. You can’t find a better confined space monitor.

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