Welcome to GDS Corp. For years, we have led the way in providing safe, reliable, easy to use and cost effective gas and flame detectors for a wide range of clients in the commercial and industrial sectors. Our mission is to keep you and your employees protected with equipment for CO2 measurement, even in the harshest of environments.

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CO2 measurement is something we take very seriously. If you’ve ever encountered the frightening effects of the gas, or known someone who has lost ones life because of it, you understand the need for a high quality, well working CO2 gas detector. In a work environment, bosses need to know that leaks will be caught immediately, and workers must feel confident when they work in small, enclosed areas.

Our clients come to us from the marine, water and waste water, oil and gas, semi conductor, offshore, chemical processing, municipal, utility and other industries. Dependable CO2 measurement is important not only for safety, but for the smooth running of so many essential services.

How Does CO2 Measuring Work?

A CO2 gas detection system, also known as a CO2 meter, CO2 monitor or CO2 detector, offers the CO2 measuring you need. These tools use infrared sensors to detect hazardous levels of CO2, and then sound the alarm. They monitor both atmosphere and specific processes. Usually, CO2 levels are monitored by volume ranges in a percent, like 0-2% v/v, 0-5% v/v and even 0-100% v/v.

The CO2 measuring detection system generally has a number of components in the meter. Some of these are a transmitter, the infrared detector, and a controller, PLC or DCS where the transmitter’s output is connected to a central alarm and control, dependent on the CO2 measurement readings.

A proper CO2 measuring device is integral to a good facility safety system, as it gives a real time CO2 measure and alarm to protect your employees from dangerous gases in the work area.

Other Services from GDS Corp.

While hazardous gas detection is our specialty, there is a lot more that we do at GDS Corp. Flame detectors are an ideal way to back up any gas detection system, especially if you work with any combustible gases. We also offer alarm controls, process monitors, power systems, calibration supplies, sample draw kits, wireless systems and more. In all that we do, we are dedicated to working with the latest technology and most reliable methods.

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