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Carbon dioxide (CO2) is a colorless gas that is odorless at low concentrations, but has a sharp acidic smell at higher concentrations. It is used in the industry as an ingredient in the production of many important materials, including methanol, metal carbonates and bicarbonates. It is also used by the food and beverage industry in the production of carbonated soft drinks and occurs naturally as a result of fermentation of wine and beer. This widespread use means numerous businesses could benefit from the safety provided by a CO2 meter.

For over a century, carbon dioxide has been recognized as a hazard in the workplace. Although not poisonous, carbon dioxide is significantly heavier than air and often accumulates in tanks, pits, sumps and other enclosed areas. Workers entering these areas face an immediate danger of asphyxiation. Since carbon dioxide is an inert gas, electrochemical sensors which depend on the target gas reacting with the electrolyte in the sensor will not work. The most common technique for the detection of carbon dioxide is infrared absorption. Fortunately, CO2 detector infrared sensors designed to detect hydrocarbons can be easily modified to reliably detect concentrations of carbon dioxide from 500 parts-per-million up to 100 percent by volume.

GDS Corp offers two infrared sensors for the GASMAX II and GASMAX CX CO2 meters. The SmartIR sensor is a fully self-contained infrared sensor with built-in temperature compensation and fault detection. The GDS SmartIR CO2 infrared sensor is pin-compatible with similar GDS Corp catalytic bead and infrared hydrocarbon sensors, and fits inside the standard flameproof sensor head. In addition to the SmartIR sensor, GDS Corp offers the GDS-IR stand-alone infrared sensor with 4-20mA output. This microprocessor controlled sensor is designed for the most extreme environments and features a hydrophobic filter for protection against moisture and dust as well as broad operating temperature range.

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