The professionals of GDS Corp have years of experience when it comes to gas and flame detection. We concentrate on developing products and systems that are reliable, easy to use, cost effective and safe. These state of the art devices, including CO monitors, offer unparalleled features and capabilities for the commercial and industrial sectors.

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The Ultimate In Carbon Monoxide Monitoring

As an invisible, colorless and odorless gas, carbon monoxide (CO) is understandably frightening. If your facility burns fuels such as wood, gasoline, propane, oil, coal or methane, operates \industrial processes that generate carbon monoxide or uses internal combustion engines, a CO monitor is essential.

The potential dangers of carbon monoxide exposure hinge on several variables, such as the activity level and general health of the victim. The CO molecules bind to the blood’s hemoglobin, keeping the body from receiving the oxygen it needs. Even exposure in small amounts and concentrations can lead to fatigue, headaches, dizziness and nausea. Carbon monoxide poisoning can happen any time a CO source is used in a confined space. Examples would be gasoline powered pressure washers or auxiliary generators. This is why carbon monoxide monitors, or CO monitors, are so important. Protect those employees and service personnel who work in parking garages, tunnels and other low level environments. CO monitoring can alert them to poison from vehicular exhaust.

GDS Corp carries the GASMAX EC, GASMAX II and GASMAX CX CO monitors as ideal tools for long term monitoring of industrial application carbon monoxide levels. The sensors range from 50 parts per million to 5,000 parts per million and beyond. This means the power of an early warning. A new GASMAX/TX wireless CO monitor with a magnetic mount may be installed in storage spaces, tunnels and other enclosed spaces temporarily, and facilitate necessary repairs and continued monitoring.

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We are proud to serve clients in the oil and gas, water and waste water, semiconductor, chemical processing, marine, municipal, offshore and other industries. Whether your company is large or small, and your needs for a CO monitor common or highly specific, our application engineers will be glad to offer successful solutions. Even better, convenience and low installation costs are things that we’re known for, as well as excellent warranties and very durable products.

Our carbon monoxide monitors are your best defense against the dangers of CO poisoning. Feel free to fill in the contact and inquiry form on our website, or use one of the many numbers provided on the contact page. Any of our experts will be glad to discuss your particular needs, as well as parameters of your budget. When you need the best CO monitor the industry offers today, call GDS Corp!

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