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Monitoring Carbon Dioxide In Your Facility

As a colorless, odorless gas, carbon dioxide or CO2 can be difficult to detect without dedicated monitors. It comprises two oxygen atoms that are bonded to one carbon atom. Carbon dioxide is generated by the burning of fossil fuels and by fermentation of large volumes of organic material during the production of alcohols and sprits. The primary risk from carbon dioxide is the fact that CO2 replaces oxygen in confined spaces, and can result in injury or death from oxygen deprivation. . For more than 100 years, the industry has recognized carbon dioxide as a hazard in the workplace, CO2 is may not be poisonous, but it is significantly heavier than air which allows it to accumulate in pits, tanks, sumps and other enclosed and low lying areas. Workers risk asphyxiation if they enter these places where the CO2 level is too high.

GDS Corp offers a range of Infrared sensors that are designed to detect carbon dioxide concentrations as little as 500 parts per million (ppm) up to 100 percent by volume. These include the GDS-IR standalone infrared detector, GASMAX II or GASMAX CX with SmartIR infrared detector, or GDS-50 remote infrared sensor.

Talk to the application engineers of GDS Corp to discover which of our products would be best for you. Whether it’s an end tidal CO2 detector or something else, we’ll be glad to walk you through the selection process.

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