While many types of gases such as hydrogen and carbon dioxide can go undetected and result in dangerous situations, technology now allows workplaces to have much better monitoring systems. Many of these systems rely on alarm control panels, which allow off-site monitoring centers as well as supervisory personnel located on-site to have accurate and reliable digital monitoring products to keep workers and facilities safe. As companies have started to implement and upgrade industrial safety programs, wireless security solutions such as control panels have become key components for many businesses.

Specialized Sensors

As more facilities begin to realize the benefits of alarm systems and the panels used to control them, they have installed specialized sensors throughout their facilities in an effort to keep employees safe. Along with this, they also use security technologies to analyze the layout of their work area. By doing so, they can take into consideration such factors as the size of the layout and the gases to be monitored. In doing so, technicians will be able to determine the types of sensors to be used, as well as how many will be needed and where they will be located.

Central Readout Station

To ensure maximum levels of security are maintained throughout a facility, alarm panels are now able to be programmed to receive and quickly interpret information from each sensor within a facility. By having this capability, all information can then be processed through a central readout station. Therefore, in situations where emergency situations occur, the alarm panels can be programmed to allow the entire system to be shut down, allowing for the rescue of lives.

Wireless Networks

In any business, it’s more important than ever to have wireless technology available for security networks. Since there are many areas of a manufacturing area or other business where only authorized personnel are allowed to enter, having this technology can ensure a workplace remains safe. Whether limiting who enters an area or being used to monitor areas where hazardous materials or sensitive equipment are stored, real-time data can be transmitted to safety and security personnel so that quick decisions can be made.

Automatic Alarms

In some situations, a system may need to be shut down immediately. However, if no one is at the controls to do so, an incident can get out of hand very quickly. But with the advanced technology available today, many alarm systems can now be shut down automatically without a person being present. Especially useful in large facilities or in areas where only a few workers are allowed at a time, these systems allow for very efficient security monitoring.

Learn More About Global Security Solutions

If your business finds itself in need of additional security measures to keep employees and equipment safe, control panels that can be automatically programmed to communicate with wireless networks are well worth the investment. To find out more about these alarm panels and how they can help your business, contact GDS Corporation to speak with engineers experienced in security solutions.

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