When keeping employees safe, companies will spare no expense to ensure everyone has a safe working environment. However, as any business knows, there are always budget constraints that sometimes factor into what can or cannot be done in this area. But as technology continues to make advancements with gas monitoring equipment, more and more companies are finding they can purchase some of the best gas monitoring instruments on the market. If you find your company is dealing with a tight budget, here’s how you can still afford gas analyzers and monitors that will let you maintain high levels of safety.

Purchase Portable Monitors

If your budget is tight, you might consider purchasing portable gas monitoring instruments for employees. Very useful for those workers who spend much of their day in confined spaces, portable monitors have the added advantage of being used in parts of a manufacturing area other than confined spaces, which may help limit the number of fixed monitors a facility may need.

Consider the Features

Along with purchasing portable monitors, it also pays off to take a look at the features gas detection instruments possess. While it’s always good to have as many safety features as possible at your facility, there may be opportunities to save money by purchasing monitors that perhaps have a few less features. However, because it’s so important to keep employees as safe as possible, it may be more cost-effective to buy monitors that have numerous safety features, since companies have thousands and millions of dollars invested in employees and equipment.

Wireless Technology

With the continued progress of wireless technology, much of the latest monitoring equipment for gas has lessened in price. Due in large part to the monitoring equipment being able to link to numerous mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, this technology often results in companies being able to use fewer monitors in an effort to detect dangerous gas levels. Since it can be cheaper for companies to provide workers with mobile devices that they can have with them at all times, this alternative has gained in popularity in recent years.

Automatic Calibration

For companies using fixed gas monitors, having equipment that can be calibrated automatically can also result in savings. As calibration technology has improved, monitors have been produced that can be calibrated from remote locations. By doing so, the monitors need less attention on a daily basis, resulting in reduced costs since fewer employees are needed to perform calibration operations.

Work Environments

If you have a tight budget for your monitors, make sure the ones you purchase will work well in your company’s work environment. By doing so, you’ll save yourself the trouble of having to purchase new monitors on a regular basis. For example, if your monitors will be subjected to extreme temperatures or high humidity, take those factors into consideration when making a purchase.

While it can be difficult dealing with a tight budget, working with GDS can help you find the best solutions for your company.

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