Chemical manufacturing companies are responsible for ensuring the health and safety of workers employed at their factory or industrial workplace. It requires compliance to OSHA’s guidelines on worker safety and safe handling of chemicals. Sometimes, chemical manufacturing companies may overlook safety for the purpose of convenience or complacency. This can have drastic consequences and can lead to unfortunate accidents due to chemical leaks. 

While oil and gas companies can invest in gas monitoring systems, chemical factories should invest in chemical leak detection systems. Take a look at some ways to ensure safety of workers.

Conduct Safety Climate Assessments Once Every 3 Months

In a recent study by a Texas university, it was found that conducting safety climate assessments once every three months can help in identifying any safety hazards or accurately forecasting any possible workplace accidents. This is why it is essential not to overlook this key exercise in ensuring the safety of workers.

As shared in a recent blog:

“Instead, researchers recommend that organizations conduct safety climate assessments at least once every three months – preferably once a month – to determine the best ways to prevent workplace incidents. Researchers analyzed data from 42 chemical manufacturing sites in a dozen countries as part of the study, which spanned four years.”

Provide Training On Chemical Hazards

Workers who are hired to work in chemical factories need to be trained on the safe method of dealing with chemicals. Often, the chemicals can be dangerous and even prove to be deadly if incorrectly handled or exposed to air. In some cases, chemicals can cause deadly reactions on reaching certain temperatures and therefore temperature control becomes key to maintaining safety of workers and equipment. This is why it is necessary to provide adequate training to workers on working with chemicals.

Failure to provide training to workers can prove to be costly for owners of chemical factories, as they will be fined by independent organizations and agencies.

Sandy Smith said in a recent article:

“OSHA initiated an inspection on Oct. 16, 2014, in response to a complaint, and cited Bentley Laboratories for 14 alleged serious violations that carry $45,000 in potential fines. According to OSHA, Bentley failed to:

  • Train workers on chemical hazards.
  • Maintain a hearing conservation program for employees exposed to excessive noise.
  • Develop procedures and training to control potentially hazardous energy.
  • Properly guard machines to prevent amputations.”

Worker safety assumes importance, due to potential accidents and chemical leaks that can prove fatal for workers in chemical factories. This article shares some easy ways in which chemical manufacturing companies can ensure worker safety.