As technology within the oil and gas industry has evolved over the years, one area that has seen tremendous advances has been sensors. In particular, electrochemical sensors have made great strides when it comes to their ability to detect extremely low levels of toxic and flammable gases, such as methane. As a result, numerous manufacturers of these sensors have been recognized for combining the latest in instrumentation and industrial engineering to produce sensors that are more accurate and reliable than ever before. While there are many manufacturers worldwide that specialize in electrochemical sensors, here are some of the more well-known companies.

 SGX Sensortech

 Although this company is only four years old, it has quickly found itself with one of the best reputations in the industry. Specializing in industrial air safety, SGX has developed sensors that not only detect very low levels of dangerous gases, but do so while using far less power than sensors made only a few years ago. In fact, SGX sensors use less than 50 percent of the power once needed to get the job done, allowing companies to save even more on energy costs in addition to increasing workplace safety.


 Specializing in sensors made particularly for the oil and gas industry, Delphian has also been recognized for its innovative technology. Designing an electrochemical gas sensor that adapts very well to harsh work environments, the company’s sensors can be found on offshore platforms and drilling rigs around the world. In addition, they are also found in petrochemical and chemical plants, natural gas plants and refineries, gas storage and loading facilities, and pipelines and compressor stations. Along with its large product selection, the company is also known for providing in-depth knowledge of its sensors to customers in an easy-to-understand fashion, making it a very popular company within the oil and gas industry.

 MSA Safety

 A company born out of a mining explosion in 1912, MSA Safety has been an industry leader when it comes to keeping workers safe. Long known for its emphasis on research and development, the company has made great strides in developing many of the most popular portable gas sensors in use today. Along with this, MSA sensors are also used extensively in manufacturing facilities, processing plants, and offshore drilling platforms where workers spend much of their time in confined spaces. With many of the company’s products having been recognized for their durability in the workplace, MSA sensors are used by companies across the globe.

 Emerson Process Management

 A company known for producing an electrochemical gas sensor that is durable and also compatible with numerous types of transmitters, Emerson Process Management has a great track record when it comes to industrial safety. With its sensors being very simple to operate as well as cost-effective, the company is a top choice of many manufacturing facilities around the world. In addition, EPM sensors also have an extremely low power consumption and the ability provide workers with instant data, which can lead to many lives being saved.