Zodiac Cabin & Structures Support was fined $1.3M for an explosion that took place in July of 2015. The explosion that took place in the facility at Newport could have been averted if the curing oven was used appropriately by following all the safety regulations and procedures as laid out in the report of a consulting engineer. Moreover, the facility should have set up a quality confined space monitor to enable timely detection of the presence of toxic gases to prevent combustion. Read on to learn about how you can prevent a major explosion from taking place.

Safety Precautions Key To Protecting Workers In Confined Spaces

Taking the necessary safety precautions is key to protecting the workers who need to enter and operate in confined spaces. This is because confined spaces run the risk of trapping toxic gases that are accidentally released. The limited ventilation in the confined spaces worsens the situation. This is why adequate protective gear should be provided to workers who need to enter these confined spaces to perform specific tasks.

Nick Ivie said in a recent article:

“The company was also cited for eight “confined space” serious violations related to employees entering the 90-foot oven to perform cleaning, service or maintenance. Working inside a confined space area, such as the oven without safety precautions can be deadly to both workers and rescuers. Confined space hazards can include suffocation, toxic atmospheres, entrapment and other dangerous conditions that are fully preventable.”

Understanding The Dangers Posed By Flammable Resins

Understanding the properties of flammable resins will help workers adopt safe handling practices. Plant managers need to conduct safety training drills and have an emergency plan in place, in case of a gas leak or danger of possible explosion.

In spite of the plant being evacuated due to the presence of flammable vapors just 11 days prior to this incident, it did not raise alarm bells for the plant operators.

Sandy Smith said in a recent article:

“The investigation found that flammable resins had been run through the oven a number of times prior to the explosion. L & I also discovered that 11 days before the incident, the plant was evacuated due to flammable vapors that created a risk of explosion in the same operation.”

It is important to study the properties of a chemical or substance, to prevent the risk of combustion or a possible explosion. Taking adequate safety precautions will go a long way in protecting the lives of workers.

Joe Mabel or CC BY-SA 3.0 (), via Wikimedia Commons

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