GDS Corp is proud to supply gas and flame detection systems to both national and international clients. Among the products we offer the industrial and commercial sectors is ammonia detection. Our top priority is to deliver the utmost in quality through high reliability, cost effectiveness and ease of use.

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As an industry leader, we strive to accommodate your specific needs, no matter the size of your business and facilities. Any ammonia detector you purchase from GDS Corp will be stable, and have a low susceptibility to abrupt environmental changes. Due to a plethora of technological advances, ammonia detection alarm systems utilize a variety of new applications.

Ammonia must be monitored at all times to prevent injuries to eyes, skin and the respiratory system. Because ammonia can be hazardous in refrigeration units or chemical processing refineries it is vital that workers take necessary measures to ensure the highest of safety levels. In order to do so, following industry best practices should be a top priority regarding ammonia gas detection.

With numerous federal regulations in place regarding ammonia, companies are required to install monitoring systems to protect not only employees, but also residents who may live nearby. Since an ammonia leak can be very dangerous, having an accurate and reliable ammonia leak detection system can mean the difference between averting disaster or having several fatalities.

The Ammonia Detector – Essential To Your Success

Although short-term exposure to ammonia can cause skin & respiratory irritations, long-term exposure to ammonia can be deadly. This is why safety concerns should address the use of safety procedures and ammonia detection equipment

The ammonia compound is an important part of day-to-day operations for industrial applications and nitrogen-based products.

As a matter-of-fact, ammonia is one of the most commonly produced inorganic chemicals. However, ammonia’s hazardous and caustic nature is enough of a threat for OSHA to set an upper exposure limit of 25 ppm during the span of an eight-hour shift. Add to this the EPA regulations for facilities containing more than 10 thousand pounds of ammonia, and you need a reliable risk management plan. Beyond your ammonia leak prevention and emergency response plan, you should require ammonia detectors for accurate hazard assessment.

State-of-the-Art Ammonia Detection Systems

You can find both wired and wireless ammonia detection systems with GDS Corp. These products are up to the challenge of liquefied ammonia leaks and expansion, as well as fast changes in temperature and humidity. These ammonia detectors’ stability are rock solid, including zero cross-sensitivity to hydrogen, carbon monoxide, alcohol-based compounds and chlorine, which are commonly found within close proximity of ammonia detection systems. Ammonia detectors continue to benefit from numerous technological advances with multi-faceted detection capabilities. Ammonia gas detection devices are 10,000 times more sensitive than detectors from only a few years ago. Ammonia detectors can detect small traces of the ammonia compound in wastewater treatment plants, manufacturing facilities and confined areas.

Various Uses for Ammonia Detectors

Ammonia detectors have various uses and can be found in many different types of facilities such as medical labs and offshore drilling platforms. It is important to select ammonia gas detectors that will be able to work best in your particular work environment. Always select ammonia detectors that are made to withstand environmental factors present in your workplace, such as extreme temperatures, high humidity levels, or dust and dirt. For workers in large areas, strobes and sirens are often used to alert for danger, while those workers in noisy areas can be alerted using warning lights that flash yellow and red to indicate various levels of danger for ammonia-related incidents.

AIn most manufacturing work environments, one of the biggest concerns related to ammonia is its ability to corrode pipes and equipment. To guard against this, ammonia gas sensors are stationed in areas where vital equipment is located, and are capable of providing 24/7 monitoring in the event an incident occurs.

GENie QC-1 Ammonia Calibration Gas Instrument

The GENie QC-1 is the latest implementation for ammonia calibration. As you measure static or moving NH3 sensors the GENie QC-1 functions smoothly even with a defective sealed glass ampule. The operator can adjust the ammonia calibration gas instrument to lower the risk of ammonia leaks.

Though an ammonia sensor needs to be checked periodically for its effectiveness, this NH3 device is ideal for detecting and eliminating ammonia risks.

Real-Time Ammonia Detection Monitoring

Ammonia detection systems installed in industrial facilities have several benefits including real-time monitoring. Facilities, on-site managers and emergency personnel can be away from harm and still receive instant data reports. Whether working in confined or large open areas, personnel have the ability to analyze data and make smart decisions efficiently.

When an ammonia leak happens, most people do not realize it can expand as much as 850 times in size in only minutes. The vapor becomes difficult to control where the ammonia leak originally began. This often leads to larger evacuations before being able to contain the incident. Regardless of work environment, ammonia detectors should be readily accessible to engineers. By doing so, engineers can examine the situation and send instructions to on-site personnel in the event of an ammonia leak.

What Else Can You Find At GDS Corp?

Here you can find gas detectors for toxic, combustible, volatile and natural gases. All of them are extremely reliable and use state of the art features, such as high resolution intelligent displays, accurate sensors and industry standard communication options. Excellent warranties and the ability to withstand harsh conditions make ours the leading systems on the market today.

Beyond gas detectors, we offer flame detectors, alarm controllers, process monitors, power systems and calibration supplies. Our application engineers will be glad to discuss your specific requirements, and work with you every step of the way, from design reliability to cost effectiveness.

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